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BIBLE TEXT: Isa 29:14, Deu 28:46

INTRODUCTION: Miracles are happenings beyond natural explanations and human abilities. God is the author of miracles. They are the blessings of the Lord without any sorrow. PRAYER POINTS

1. Lord God of heaven, I thank you for the grace to be a partaker of your miracles, signs and wonders in the name of Jesus. Mark 16: 17 -18

2. Thank you, Lord, for making me and my household candidates of signs and wonders in the name of Jesus. Mark 16:17

3. I decree that, no gates of hell, will be able to stop my miracle just as the grave could not stop Jesus in the name of Jesus. Matt 16:18

4. Oh Lord, I command every opposition to give way for my miracles to manifest. What hinders others from greatness will not hinder me, in the name of Jesus. Joel 2:8.

5. Whatsoever has been done against me using the element of creation be neutralized by the blood of Jesus, in the name of Jesus. Rev. 12:11

6. Anything in the spirit world, representing my image, being use against my manifestation on any evil altars, be rendered impotent in the name of Jesus. Exodus 34:13

7. I release my destiny and that of my families from every power that are holding us captive in the name of Jesus. Isaiah 49:25

8. All the dark works done against my life in the secret be exposed, be disgraced and destroyed in the name of Jesus. Luke 8:17, Isaiah 29:15

9. Every evil hand writing against the plan and purpose of God for me and my family be paralyzed in the name of Jesus. Colossians 2:14, 2 Cor. 10:5

10. I pull down all strong holds erected against my miracles, family and nation, in the name of Jesus. Mark 3:27, 2 Cor. 10:4-5

11. I recall back, my blessings and that of my family and nation thrown into the water, forest and satanic bank now in the name of Jesus. 1 Samuel 30:18

12. I cut down and uproot, every root of all problems in my life denying me of my miracles in the name of Jesus. Mathew 3:10, Jeremiah 1:10

13. You my head and destiny, reject any counsel of limitation of progress against you in the name of Jesus. Number 23:23

14. I uproot every evil thing in my life and I plant permanent seed of progress in the name of Jesus. Jeremiah 1:10, Matthew 15:13

15. I decree that miracle, signs and wonders will not cease in my life, family and my nation on daily bases in the name of Jesus. Job 22:28

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