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Updated: Feb 22, 2021


BIBLE TEXT(S): Psa 91:1-16, 121

INTRODUCTION: We are in a time when all human security devices have failed. We have a sure protection only in God as it is written, “The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the LORD” Pro 21:31


1. Dear Heavenly Father, you have the whole world under your care. We worship You, the Omnipresent, the Omnipotent and the Omniscient

2. We thank You Father; you are the greatest Watchman who neither sleep nor slumber spread your protection over those who seek refuge in you this year in Jesus name.

3. Father, according to your word, deliver me and my household from the snare of the fowler throughout this year in Jesus name. Psa 91:3

4. Father, according to your word, there shall no evil befall me, nor any plaque come near my dwelling, in Jesus name. Psa 91:10

5. Father, according to your word, let your angels bear me in their hands so that I will not dash my feet against any stone (troubles) in Jesus name. Psa 91:12

6. Father, answer my call in the day of troubles and deliver me, in Jesus name. Psa 50:15, Jer 33:3

7. Father hear my cry unto you let my enemies turn back in total confusion, in Jesus name. Psa 56:9

8. Father, protect your church, my nation (put your country) from every form of evil and destruction, in Jesus name. Job5:12

9. Father, according to your word, be our refuge and strength at all times and deliver us whenever we are in danger, in Jesus name. Psa 46:1

10.Father, according to your word, make wars cease to the end of the earth, break bows, cut the spears in sunder, burn the chariots in fire in Jesus name. Psa 46:9

11.Father, I decree and declare, let them that seek after my soul be confounded and put to shame in Jesus name. Psa 35:4

12.Father, I decree and declare, let them that devise my hurt be turned back and brought to confusion in Jesus name. Psa 35:4

13.Father, Disappoint the devices of the crafty so that their hands will not be able to perform their enterprise against the righteous in Jesus name. Job 5:12

14.Father; Let all enemies that rises up against us meet with darkness in the day time and grope in the noon day as in the night, in Jesus name. Job 5:15

15. I decree and declare; I shall not die but live to declare the wonder of the Lord in the land of the living. Psa 118:17 Pg-3

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