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MERCY OVER ALL FORMS OF DISOBEDIENCE AND UNFAITHFULNESS IN THE FAMILIES, CHURCH AND NATIONS, ETC BIBLE TEXT(S): 2Cor. 10:6, Isa. 54:7, Deut. 28:1-12, 1 Sam. 15:22. INTRODUCTION Obedience to the word of God or His instruction is a major magnet of His mercy upon our lives; it is a special key that opens door of His mercies in time of difficulties. Rebellion against the word of God keeps one in darkness and in chains. As we confess and repent of all our sins of disobedience and unfaithfulness, God will show us mercy in Jesus Name. PRAYER POINTS:

  1. Fatherwethankyouforyourfaithfulnessandlovetowardsusasfamilies,churchand nation in Jesus name.

  2. Father we confess and repent of all our sins of disobedience, unfaithfulness, stubbornness against you and against higher authorities in Jesus Name.

  3. OLordGodofcompassionandlove;havemercyonme,andmyfamilyinJesusname.

  4. Father;bemercifulanduprooteveryspiritofdisobedience,stubbornness,rebellionand unfaithfulness out of my life and my family in Jesus Name.

  5. Father; have mercy on your Church and forgive all our sins of incomplete obedience in the Mighty name of Jesus. 1Sam. 15:22.

  6. Father; forgive our nation all the sins of rebellion, disobedience and unfaithfulness and let your mercy reign over judgment in our land in Jesus Mighty Name. Ps. 145:9

  7. FatherpurgeyourchurchofeveryiniquityandhearourcryformercyinJesusmighty Name Ps. 145:9

  8. Father;createinmeandineverymemberofmyfamilycleanheartsohLordinJesus Name. Ps. 51:10.

  9. HavemercyuponyourChurchOhGod,accordingtothylovingkindnessinJesusName Ps. 51:1.

  10. Father by your mercy; as nation, replace the stony hearts in us with the hearts of flesh to obey you in Jesus Name. Ezek. 36:26.

  11. Oh God in the multitude of your mercy, please let your Church and our nation walk in obedience

  12. Oh God; in the multitude of your mercy, cause our families to come to the saving knowledge of your truth and mercy in Jesus Name.

  13. Father in your compassion, blot out the offences of your Church, our Nations and Families in Jesus Name. Ps. 51:1

  14. Gracious God as we respond to your word in Joel 2:12-13, hear our cries, forgive us and deliver your Church from the spirit of disobedience in Jesus Name. Jonah 1:1-3

  15. Show us thy mercy, O Lord and grant us thy salvation in my nation in Jesus Name. Ps. 85:7.

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