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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

THE CRY OF MERCY BIBLE TEXT(S): Mark 10: 46 INTRODUCTION Mercy means forgiveness or showing great kindness toward the distressed. The Almighty God is full of compassion and kindness for His beloved children. As we cry to God for mercy today, He will hear us in Jesus name. PRAYER POINTS

  1. Father I thank you because your mercy will locate me today in Jesus name. Rom 9:15

  2. Father, I thank you for your forgiveness and compassion towards RCCG, Worldwide in Jesus name. Rom 9:15

  3. Father thank you for your loving kindness towards our nation and all nations of the world in Jesus name. Exo 15: 13

  4. Father, please forgive me of my sins and let your mercy eliminate any kind of deadly disease that is ravaging my body (if there is any) in the name of Jesus. Psa 51:1, 25:16

  5. Father, in your compassionate love, show mercy to nations that are crying for healing of their land in Jesus name. 2Chro 30:9, 2Chro7:14

  6. Father in your mercy reverse every irreversible situation in the lives of all our Brethren in RCCG worldwide in Jesus name.

  7. Father increase the knowledge of all our brethren in RCCG worldwide to understand the importance of seeking for your mercy in the name of Jesus.

  8. Father in your power, let the grace of mercy locate as many that have been considered blind in Jesus name.

  9. Father; in your mercy, wash away every generational sin by the precious blood of Jesus and let me begin to experience open doors in Jesus name. Psa 51:1

10.Father; be merciful for every error our leaders have made that have put our nation in bondage. Num 14:19, 1Chro 17:13 11.Father in your mercy, terminate every stigma in my life in Jesus name. Mat 9:36, Mar 1 :41 12.Father please show us your mercy in RCCG worldwide, please don’t let your mercy depart from us in Jesus name. Exo 15:13 13.Father open my spiritual ears to have an understanding of the power of your mercy in Jesus name. Deu 5:10 14.Father let your mercy that bring salvation extend to the nations of the world that have not receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. 15.Father in your mercy arrest every heart that says no to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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