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PRAYER OF MERCY FOR PEOPLE TO TURN BACK TO THE LORD BIBLE TEXT(S): Ezek. 33:11, Ezek. 18:32, 2Pet. 3:9, Mark. 8:36, Isa. 55:1-3INTRODUCTION: Page15

Salvation is a gift from God and is received by faith. It is the first work of grace. God does not desire the death of a sinner, but that he/she should repent and come to Him. Because of the love of God for the world He sent His only begotten son to die for and save us all. As we embark on our prayers, God will have mercy on all the unsaved in Jesus name. Ezek. 18:32 PRAYER POINTS: 1. Let us thank God for the salvation of our souls. 2.Father in your mercy please pour your spirit afresh upon your church and save the unsaved in Jesus name. Joel 2:28 3. Father in your mercy draw the unsaved in the church in our families and nations to your son in Jesus name. 4. Father in your mercy let your Holy Spirit convicts all the unsaved in our nations of their sins in Jesus name. 5.Father by your mercy, remove every covering preventing people from coming to you. Isa. 25:7 6. Father have mercy on our nation and save the unsaved in Jesus name. 7.Father have mercy on your church and restore unto her the joy of your salvation. Ps. 51:12 8.O Lord visit our families and save the unsaved and backsliders in Jesus name. Jn. 3:3- 5, Micah 7:19 9.Father, let men fear you and worship you alone in Jesus name. Matt. 10:28 10.Father by your mercy, let your church fear you and keep your commandment. Eccl. 12:13 11.Almighty father has mercy on all the unsaved in the nations because you do not have pleasure in the death of the sinner. Ezek. 18:32 12.Father let the death of Jesus not be in vain in the lives of all the unsaved in Jesus name. Gal. 6:1-2, Jn. 3:16 13.Father have mercy on all the unsaved in our families and save them in Jesus name. Titus 3:5 14.Father in your mercy help us to understand that whatever we are or have outside you is vanity in Jesus name. Mark 8:36, Eccl. 11:2-3 15.Father by your mercy and power, we cast down every imagination and every high thing in lives of every unsaved that exalts itself above your knowledge in Jesus name.2 Cor. 10:5

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