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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

THANKSGIVING FOR SOULS WON, SUCCESS IN EVANGELISM AND CHURCH GROWTH BIBLE TEXT: Acts 14:21, Rom 15:20, Mar 16:16-18 INTRODUCTION Our vison as a church is to make heaven and take as many as possible along and sincerely God has been helping us in this task and we need to arise and thank him for all he has used His church for, in soul wining. PRAYER POINTS

  1. Let take time to sing and thank God for all breakthrough we have experience in evangelism and soul winning so far in RCCG.

  2. Father we bless your name for making RCCG, an agent of drawing men unto yourself

  3. Father we thank you for the success recorded in all our go-a-fishing outreach programs

  4. Father we thank you for all the financial provisions for our evangelism programs

  5. Father we thank you for grace to break new grounds globally in the area of evangelism and soul winning

  6. Father we thank you for the divine direction and empowerment to win difficult areas and land to Christ Jesus.

  7. Father thank you for binding every territorial powers working against the success of our evangelism outreach programs

  8. Father we thank you forwining strong and fearful men of communities to your side during our evangelism outreaches.

  9. Father we thank you for raising rugged and sold to Christ evangelical ministers in RCCG

10.Father we thank you for makingall the fruits of our evangelism outreaches and programs to abide and remain on your side. 11.Father thank you for the financial support to reach out to the unreached in our nations. 12.Father we thank you for the Holy Spirit empowered growth in RCCG. 13.Father we thank you for making soul wining the ministerial heart beat in RCCG 14.Father we thank you for all the signs and wonders that followed all our evangelical outreaches and programs, Mar 16:18 15. Father we thank you for all the souls won during the Annual Convention, Holy Ghost Congress and Services and other special programs.

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