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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

THANKSGIVING FOR FULFILMENT OF PROPHECIES IN RCCG BIBLE TEXT: Mic 2:6, Joe 2:28 INTRODUCTION RCCG is a church that believed in prophecies and has been benefiting from it. We need to rise and thank God for showing us his plan and desires through prophecies. PRAYER POINTS

  1. Let take time to sing and thank God for all the fulfilment of past, Individual, Global, National and Church prophecies.

  2. Father we thank you for making RCCG a church of prophecies fulfilment.

  3. Father we bless you name for not allowing the devil to abort the fulfilment of prophecies in RCCG

  4. Father we thank you for making your son, Pastor E.A. Adeboye a prophet to many nations.

  5. Father we thank you because you did not allow the word of the mouth of your son, Pastor EA. Adeboye to fall to the ground. 1Sam 3:19

  6. Father we thank you for speaking to us inRCCG in the language that we understand.

  7. Father we thank you from not hiding you plans and intentions from us in RCCG

  8. Father we thank you because you made the RCCG a church to all nations.

  9. Let us thank God that prophecies in RCCG are not man made but Holy Spirit inspired.

10.Brethren all us raise our voice in worship, praise and thanksgiving for edifying prophecies from RCCG to all and sundry globally. 11.Let us thank God for disgracing every anti-prophesy fulfilment agents in our lives. 12.Let us thank God that in RCCG, God is not a man that lied. 13.Father we thank you for divine direction and guidance through your prophecies to us every year 14.Father we thank you because of the growth we have experienced due to genuine prophecies that comes to past early in RCCG. 15. Father we thank you for making RCCG a delightsome land to all nations, Mal 3:12 16.Thank God for every individual prophecies fulfilled in your life.

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