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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

THANKSGIVING FOR ALL ROUND VICTORIES AND SUCCESSES BIBLE TEXT: 2Chro 20:17-23 INTRODUCTION Permanent victories are only possible with God. To maintain the past victories and to get new ones, we need to thank the mighty one of Israel that has been fighting the battles and wars on our behalf PRAYER POINTS

  1. Let take time to sing and thank God for all the victories the Lord has brought into our lives since we are birthed into this world.

  2. Father I thank you for all victories over household and familiar enemies

  3. Father I thank you for all the victories you won for me while sleeping and when I am weak.

  4. Father thank you for all the victories over all visible and invisible battles.

  5. Father I thank for all sweatless victories over all forms of afflictions and troubles in Jesus name.

  6. Let us thank Godfor all the victories that the blood of Jesus has brought to us.

  7. Let us thank God for the victories of all battles we have won in the name of Jesus the son of God.

  8. Father we thank you because you will not allow any battles that we can not overcome to come to us.

  9. Father we thank you for victories over generational battles in our families and homes.

10.Father we thank you victories over inherited and genetic battles. 11.Father we thank you for victories over health-related battles. 12.Father we thank you for victories over all financial battles.

13.Father we thank you for victories over all battles you fought yourself for us. 14.Father we thank you over all battles we used our hands to bring into our lives. 15.Oh Lord we thank you for keeping us alive all days of the years. 16. Thank God for victories over personal battles that is known between you and God alone.

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