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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

THANKSGIVING FOR GOD’S BLESSING THROUGHOUT THIS YEAR BIBLE TEXT: Prov 10:22, 1Sam 2:7, Deu30:19-20 INTRODUCTION God is the only one that can bless a man. He has been blessing both the old andthe young in RCCG. In fact, he started the year with a pronouncement of blessing “God Bless You”. The best way to get more of his blessing this year is to thank him more. PRAYER POINTS

  1. Let take time to sing and thank God for all his blessings and prosperity we have been enjoying as a church, family, nation and individual.

  2. Thank God for the blessings of Abraham that you have enjoyed over time. Gen 28:4, Gal 3:4.

  3. Thank God for making you a candidate of blessing this year and beyond.

  4. Thank God for the uncommon blessings you have been enjoying in the name of our Lord Jesus.

  5. Let us thank God for blessing us beyond our imagination and expectations.

  6. Thank God for destroying the power of poverty in your family and lives.

  7. Thank God for making you a blessing to others.

  8. Let us praise and thank God for opening his flood gate of heaven to us.

  9. Let us thank God for making us to fly above financial difficulties by blessing us abundantly

10. Thank God for opening a new chapter of divine blessings to you this year. 11. Thank God for clothing you with His garment of blessings. 12. Thank God for replacing all curses in your life with blessings. 13. Thank God for blessing you and your household. 2Sam 7:29 14. Thank God for blessings you without sorrows or any repercussions. 15. Thank God for all the packages of divine blessings he has for you this year.

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